Tandem Paragliding


Che offers a range of tandem paragliding options in the spectacular Blue Mountains and the Central West of NSW, Australia. Experience paragliding for the first time with introductory flights or embark on the adventure of paragliding with thermalling and cross country flights. With views to the Sydney skyline and Wollemi wilderness area, a tandem flight takes you on a thrilling tour of  this world renowned landscape.

Introductory Flight 

The Introductory Flight is a smooth glide from launch to landing. Perfect for those who want to experience paragliding for the first time. The Introductory Flight lasts approximately 10 minutes. $160.00

Soaring Flight 

A Soaring Flight involves climbing out above launch using dynamic or thermal lift, giving you a birds eye view of the landscape below. The Soaring Flight lasts approximately 20 minutes. $250.00

Cross Country Flight 

Experience the ultimate adventure of paragliding and fly cross country. The Cross Country Flight uses thermal lift to gain height and take you on a scenic tour. Flights last for 1-3 hours. From $300.00


Che also offers cross country, advanced piloting techniques and basic acro coaching flights for experienced pilots wishing to improve their own skills and knowledge of flying a paraglider. The tandem is a great coaching and learning tool. In this one-on-one environment an essential combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills are taught and demonstrated during each coaching flight.

To book in for a tandem flight or for further information please contact Che on 0429 432 031 or email che@paratothepeople.com.au


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