We are proud to have the support of brands we use day in, day out and those investing in pursuits such as the X-Alps.

Many thanks from Team Australia. 



I fly Ozone paragliders because I feel they deliver the perfect balance of dynamic handling and safety that makes flying enjoyable. Every Ozone glider I have flown feels perfectly finished and they are incredibly fun to fly.


Black Diamond not only make some of the best climbing equipment available, they also make a range of gear suited to vol biv and hike and fly paragliding. I use their lightweight carbon hiking poles, tents, helmets and headlamps for my flying missions.


CamelBak make the best range of hydration systems available. For paragliding, the quick release drinking tubes mean you can leave the tube on your harness while taking the bladder out to refill. Once reconnected you can trust they wont leak. I use the Stowaway in my harness and the Octane XCT for trail running.


The Beamer 3 Light from High Adventure is one reserve system I would trust in an emergency. With fast opening times, a slow decent rate and the ability to steer away from danger it is my preferred choice of reserve.



Red Bull Australia support a team of amazing athletes in a whole range of disciplines, and are also a supporter of Team Australia for the X-Alps. Red Bull has been the major sponsor for every edition of the Red Bull X-Alps since it’s beginning in 2003.




Manilla Paragliding

Manilla Paragliding provide a range of Adidas sunglasses suitable for paragliding. I have been using the Adidas Evil Eye range for over 6 years. Without a doubt they are the best lenses I have found, providing great definition for seeking out thermals.

Icaro 2000 

The Transalp helmet is made specifically for the X-Alps. It is one of the lightest EN 966 certified helmets available.


BluFlyVarios are a small user-friendly Bluetooth vario unit that can be used with a range of software and hardware or as a stand-alone audio unit. I use mine connected to my mobile phone as a backup flight computer and as a backup audio only unit.


The NSWHPA is an organization that gives so much back to clubs and pilots. They provide funding for site development and pilot training, and assist pilots such as myself to compete overseas.

Clif Bar 

Clif Bar has always been a staple in my energy food ­supplies when I’m out paragliding and hiking. The original Clif Bars taste great and the Bloks Energy Chews are perfect for powering up a hill.

Get Tuff Training

Run by paragliding pilot and instructor, Roger Stanford, Get Tuff Training have been assisting me with my fitness and training programs since X-Alps selection.