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Onsight Project

How many times have you looked at that hill on the drive to your regular flying site and thought ‘I’d like to fly that one day’? Or have been at a lookout and said ‘I reckon I could get off there in the right wind’? What about the mountain you once saw on a work trip? The range you eyed off on Google Earth during a quiet day at the office? The sand dune you imagined skiing across whilst checking out the surf? Most paraglider pilots know these thoughts and feelings very well.

The Onsight Project is not about who flew the furthest, performed the best run of manoeuvres, or got in to goal first. It’s about flying off cool and obscure stuff, boosting to cloud base off an unflown hill, busting out a wingover at sunset, dragging your fingertips along a magic dune. It’s about getting back to the essence of paragliding: the adventure and the camaraderie, the discovery of air. We’ll be hanging out with mates, camping, having a few beers after a great flight and capturing some epic shots of the memories along the way. Of course, with all of this comes the all-night drives just to sit atop a blown out hill, finding your new launch is actually covered in trees. But hey, that’s paragliding, and it’s that chase that makes the good flights so special.

There are no rules about what can be flown for this project. Choose an existing flying site we have never visited or just a hill that you like the look of. It’s all fair game. This is not an exclusive project driven by a few elite pilots, its inclusive. We would love to hear from you! Share your ideas of where we can fly and join us in the adventure.

Who knows how long the project will go for (at the moment the list of potential missions keeps growing!), but the initial idea is to visit at least one destination per month for the next six months. We will be documenting the project with photos and words, posting regular updates here, on Facebook and Instagram.