Learn to Fly

Che currently works as an Apprentice Flight Instructor and Tandem Pilot with High Adventure Paragliding under CFI David Wainwright. At High Adventure exceptional training is on offer with one of Australia’s leading Paragliding and Paramotoring Instructors. David Wainwright  is one of Australia’s best instructors, with a reputation for training some of Australia’s most outstanding pilots.  His training is known globally and High Adventure frequently trains students from all parts of the world.

Located in Laurieton, 25min south of Port Macquarie and 3.5hrs from Wahroonga Sydney, we are known for our diversity of sites, that ensure you get training from every kind of terrain, slope take off and site height you will need to leave a confident pilot.

Some people ask why wouldn’t one hill be enough? Our answer is why would you want it to be? Unless you were intending to fly only that one site, we believe you need diversity in learning. This will enable you to launch from various terrain, slope degrees and wind directions, and learn how and why to pick a particular site over another.

We too could stay at one location, but we choose to train you to develop the skills to assess and fly sites that best reflect what you will fly at home and in the future. That’s coastal ridge soaring, high mountain, inland thermic, we even winch tow. For students coming from the Blue Mountains we tailor this training to reflect local conditions.

What sets us apart is that we are a full time active teaching and training school. With the exception of 4 weeks a year that David devotes to competition coaching and competing away from the School, we teach all year round.

This means, if you leave and don’t feel confident, we are always here teaching. You don’t have to wait for another scheduled course, you can come and join in again at any time. This is what we call free retakes. This is a no cost option that ensures that you become confident and skilled. We never want a pilot to leave and feel that the door is closed. It’s always open.

Together Che and David can offer an amazing paragliding experience and a lot of knowledge. If you are interested in learning to fly contact Che on 0429 432 031 or Dave on 0429 844 961 or check out the High Adventure Paragliding website.