Che currently works as an Apprentice Flight Instructor and Tandem Pilot with High Adventure Paragliding, under CFI David Wainwright. David is well know for his patient, cool, calm and collected demeanour and is considered to be one of Australia’s most highly regarded instructors.

Despite his own personal achievements both Nationally and Internationally, Dave’s focus has been to train and guide new pilots in both Paragliding and Paramotoring. Since 2012 Dave has taught hundreds of students to both Paraglide and Paramotor – many of them becoming outstanding performers in the sport. High Adventure prides itself on being able to offer students in-depth training and instruction under the supervision of highly skilled and accomplished pilots.

Together Che and Dave can offer you an amazing paragliding experience and a lot of knowledge. If you are interested in learning to fly contact Che on 0429 432 031 or Dave on 0429 844 961 or check out the High Adventure Paragliding website.