Paratothepeople was started in 2005 by Che Golus with the hope of bringing an interesting mix of news and fun to the paragliding scene. What started out as a blog has over the years developed into a lifestyle and admittedly, at times an obsession. Our philosophy is to connect with the environment through paragliding, always seeking out adventure, camaraderie and the discovery of air. We aim to travel to new places, taking on projects that make us excel at what we do and help others to do the same. We believe that a structured approach to learning sparks fulfilment and enjoyment in paragliding, and want to share this with the world.

Paratothepeople strives to provide an exceptional level of service. Our tandem flights introduce you to paragliding and the impressive Australian landscape, with a rare perspective from the sky. Through coaching and mentoring we can assist in honing your existing paragliding skills, we recognise the complexity in paragliding and help you find your way to achieve your goals.

We offer what we think are some of the best brands and equipment available to pilots and provide genuine advice about gear. Our goal is to match the right equipment to the right pilot. There is no one size fits all solution for paragliding and we embrace this diversity.